7 Types of Accommodation in Yorkshire for Tourists

Yorkshire has all the popular types of accommodation for its visitors. It is up to you to decide which type of accommodation you want to book. You can book a room or suite in an elegant hotel if you’re not concerned about costs. If you are on a tight budget, then there are some cost-effective options as well. 

Before going ahead with the booking, it is important to know certain things. Among them are the facilities offered and the proximity to some of the popular attractions. Here are some of the accommodation types you might want to consider:

1. Hotels

If you’re someone who won’t compromise on luxuries, there are many five-star hotels in different parts of Yorkshire. You can also choose a luxurious boutique hotel if you’re considering places that are a bit less expensive. Besides a restaurant and free Wi-Fi, these hotels provide several other facilities for their guests. 

2. B&Bs and Guesthouses

You’ll be pleased by the hospitality and a hearty welcome that you get in Yorkshire’s B&Bs and guesthouses. The best part is, you’ll get to choose your preferred type of stay. Guesthouses and B&Bs in Yorkshire can be in the form of inns, Georgian terraces, farmhouses and converted barns. 

You’ll enjoy a homely atmosphere in such places. Some of these types of accommodations are also pet-friendly. Among these options in accommodation, you’ll also find places that are secluded and peaceful.

3. Self-catering Accommodations

When it comes to self-catering stays in this British county, you’ll never be disappointed with the available choices. You can choose from a beautiful countryside cottage, a coastal retreat, a modern holiday home, or a heritage apartment. 

Such types of accommodations give you an ideal base to get started with your outdoor activities. You can also save more by cooking your own meals in the kitchen.

4. Luxury Lodges

Many of the tourists are increasingly preferring luxury lodges for their vacation in Yorkshire. You can go for this special kind of self-catering accommodation. It allows you to stay amid the most fabulous surroundings. These lodges feature hot tubs and even pamper guests with an array of luxuries. You’ll also get some unusual choices to stay, such as log cabins and tree-houses.

5. Caravan Parks and Camping

If you’ve got a caravan, you’ll find parking spaces for such recreational vehicles in Yorkshire. Camping grounds are also available at certain places in this British county. They are usually found in the heart of the countryside, where you’ll get to stay amid pleasant natural surroundings. 

You’ll get the chance to connect with nature and its wonderful offerings. Besides, you can have some good memories to cherish with such types of accommodations. 

6. Restaurants and Pubs with Rooms

There are some exciting pubs and restaurants in this part of the world that also provide accommodations. Staying in such restaurants and pubs will give you access to some excellent facilities. You can relax with your favourite drink by a fire or go out and explore fantastic places. You’ll have the added advantage of having access to the best selection of drinks and cocktails with such stays. 

7. Bunkhouses and Hostels

There are some excellent hostels and bunkhouses you can consider for your stay while exploring Yorkshire. They are particularly useful for those travelling in groups. Walkers and bikers can also use such types of accommodations as a good base to embark on their expeditions. They’ll give these outdoor enthusiasts a place to rest their weary feet after a busy day.

5 Enchanting Places to Stay While Vacationing in Yorkshire

Yorkshire is one of those places in the United Kingdom where you can enjoy a memorable stay. There’s so much to see and do in this British county that one vacation simply won’t suffice. However, you can still explore the most popular attractions and indulge in the best outdoor activities. 

You can choose one of the most enchanting places to stay during your time spent in Yorkshire. Here are a few of the best places to consider while booking your stay:

1. Richmond

This Georgian town is so gorgeous, it’ll have you reaching for your smartphone for capturing its beauty. Situated on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, Richmond is full of scenic spots. The attractive architecture of the town would instantly impress you. 

A visit to Kiplin Hall and Gardens gives you the chance to witness some marvellous views. For plenty of opportunities to click Instagram-worthy photos, take a walk in Northern Dales. Some of the other attractions to explore in Richmond are River Swale and Richmond Falls. 

2. Scarborough

If you’re in Yorkshire with your family, this would be an ideal place for your stay. Scarborough is quite a jolly and happening town with charming beaches and some exciting family attractions. To get a glimpse of history, visit the Scarborough Castle and Rotunda Museum of Geology. 

Peasholm Park would allow you to indulge in boating. For more outdoor thrills, try swimming at Alpamare Water Park or take a ride on the miniature railway. Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary is worth visiting for its exotic and aquatic beings.

3. Pickering

It is well-known as a place where the North Yorkshire Moors Railway began. The railway’s magnificent fleet of steam engines run through the most picturesque rural villages. One of the places you must never miss during your stay in Pickering is the Pickering Railway Station. 

It has a traditional tearoom, where you can savour a freshly baked treat. You can go mountain biking in Newbridge Park, which is located on the edge of this town. This park is also a great place for picnics and woodland walks. Flamingo Land Park and Zoo is yet another fascinating place you can visit with your family. 

4. Skipton

History buffs would have a wonderful time in Skipton. It’s a perfect combination of heritage and scenic beauty. At the top of the high street is Skipton Castle, which has a rich history and amazing twin towers. The Embsay & Bolton Abbey Steam Railway runs steam trains, which travel through the picturesque Yorkshire Dales. 

If you wish to enjoy aerial views of Skipton’s scenery and attractions, take a hot air balloon ride. A pleasant stroll on the historic streets of Skipton would allow you to explore some independent shops and galleries.

5. Malton

If you’re a food lover, Malton would be the right place for your stay. The immensely popular Food Lovers Festival hosted here is a testimony to its culinary culture. You can pamper your taste buds by taking The Malton Food Tour. 

It takes you through the best eateries to discover some gastronomic delights of the town. Over the course of 3 hours, you’ll get to taste the most delectable dishes. If you wish to improve your own culinary skills, a workshop at The Talbot Malton is highly recommended.