6 Places That Save You Money While Touring York

If you’re travelling on a budget, you might wonder how to enjoy the fabulous offerings of York. There are many wonderful things to explore in this historic city. Besides, the good news is that some of the places can be explored for free. A few others are extremely budget-friendly. 

You might be really excited to know this as you no longer need to worry about your budget now. So, here we present some of the best places that would help you save big: 

1. Holy Trinity Church

If you want to experience the Middle Ages, Holy Trinity Church would be the best place. The church we’ve mentioned here is the one located in Micklegate. Another Holy Trinity Church is located in Goodramgate. The one located in Micklegate was originally a Benedictine monastery. 

It dates back to the late 11th century and was known as Micklegate Priory during those times. This historic church has been listed under the Grade I category.

2. The Richard III & Henry VII experience

Richard III and Henry VII were among the two rulers whose reigns were the most controversial. Richard III was defeated at the Battle of Bosworth. At the Richard III & Henry VII Experience, you’ll get to follow the footsteps of the medieval royals. You can learn more about the life of Richard III at Monk Bar. Upon walking over to Micklegate Bar, you’ll get to know about the life of Henry VII. 

3. Roman Bath

It might seem strange when someone talks about enjoying a pint of beer in a Roman bath. Well, there is a pub named ‘The Roman Bath’, where you can enjoy this experience. This pub is located on the site that was formerly a Roman bathhouse and is quite a unique one. 

Upon visiting this pub, you’ll get to enjoy a hand-cooked meal and a beer. Once you’re done, you can get in further and witness the original Roman plunge bath.

4. York Art Gallery

This art gallery dates back to the late 19th century. It is known for its vast collection of works by William Etty. Besides the work of Etty, this gallery houses a good collection of arts and crafts. They include more than a thousand paintings. 

The collection also includes more than 3,000 works of art in various media. In this art gallery, you’ll get to browse artworks of all styles and forms. The York Art Gallery is an excellent visual, educational, and historical experience.

5. York Observatory

Constructed in the 19th century, this observatory is Yorkshire’s oldest working observatory. It is home to the Thomas Cook telescope, which dates back to the mid-19th century. During the time of its construction, it was the world’s largest telescope. It also features exhibits that offer interesting insights into the history and development of a variety of scientific instruments. 

The clock of this observatory tells time using the position of stars. There was a time when every watch was set according to this clock. It remains 4 minutes and 20 seconds behind the Greenwich Mean Time even today.

6. York city walls

The original walls surrounding the town were erected during Roman rule in 71 CE. Over the years, these walls grew and expanded. As a result, they span about 2 miles today. You can take a walk along the York city walls to explore several features of the walls. Along the way, you can also witness some points of historical significance.

4 Casinos in Yorkshire for an Exciting Gaming Experience

The land-based casinos located in several places of Yorkshire are regulated by the Betting and Gaming Council. Some of these casinos have an exciting array of offerings for gambling enthusiasts. They are among Europe’s biggest land-based casino operators. 

In 2016, the highest gambling participation in the region came from East of England and Yorkshire and Humber. Here, we’ve listed some of the best casinos in Yorkshire, where you can have a fun-filled gambling experience:

1. Grosvenor Casino Huddersfield

This vibrant and spacious casino is located just outside the city centre. It has a large gaming room, where you’ll find several tables of American Roulette and Blackjack. A Poker Room is located on the same floor, which has about six tables. On the upper floor, there are slot machines and a few other fabulous games. 

You can have some soothing cocktails and light snacks at the bar. A restaurant is also located on the same floor. Free parking is available outside the casino. You’ll have to use your Loyalty card if you wish to earn some points in this casino.

2. Mecca Bingo and Slots Scarborough

Mecca Bingo offers gamblers some fantastic cocktails, casino games, and delicious food. You can win big on the bingo game and unlock new features on slot machines. The club located in this casino regularly hosts live entertainment. 

The Bonkers Bingo and National Game link-ups can give you the chance to win a jackpot of up to £50,000. A visit to this casino would also give you the opportunity to experience its warm and friendly atmosphere. 

3. Opera House Casino

Located in the seaside town of Scarborough, this casino is a premier entertainment venue in North Yorkshire. It is privately owned and is an excellent destination for enjoying a memorable night out. You’ll have all the popular casino games in Opera House Casino, such as Blackjack, 3-Card Poker, and American Roulette. 

The casino also offers £10,000 Jackpot Machines and weekly Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments. When you want to relax and have something to eat, the Casino Lounge would be the perfect spot. It serves light snacks from 10:00 in the morning and has a full grill menu in the evenings.

4. Napoleons Casino Bradford

Napoleons Casino is located in the centre of Bradford city. It offers some wonderful slot machines, multi-content roulettes, and Touchbet roulettes. You’ll also find classic casino games like Blackjack, American Roulette, and 3-Card Poker. Besides, you can play Texas Hold’em as well. 

The restaurant of this casino was awarded the Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor in 2014. It is a good place to savour some delicious treats in a pleasant environment.

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